Julianna Corona Medical Fund

Route 15 Used Cars Supports Julianna Corona's Fight Against Brain Cancer

Route 15 Used Cars is dedicated to our community. As such, we are proud to unite in support of Juliana Corona, a beautiful individual that we hold dear to us. We are contributing $50.00 per vehicle sold and welcome additional contributions at the Go Fund Me page.

The Corona Family is in Desperate Need of Help to Get Julianna the Medical Care She Needs.

On Sunday July 14, 2016 Julianna Corona developed a severe headache and nausea that landed her in the hospital. The doctors performed a MRI scan which proved to be abnormal. The doctors told Julianna and her family that she had 2-3 brain tumors. On Monday, July 15th, Julianna had her first brain surgery in which they biopsied her tumors and removed one. On Thursday, July 18th, Julianna was officially diagnosed with the most common and most aggressive brain cancer called Glioblastoma Multiforme (GMB). The doctors have discovered 7 cancerous tumors on the left side of her brain. GMB is a grade IV cancer that is not curable and is terminal. Julianna needs aggressive treatments of Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy to prolong her life. The Corona family is completely devastated.

Julianna Corona is a young beautiful mother, wife, daughter, and sister.

Julianna is a 28 year old stay at home mother of three beautiful girls aged 9, 5, and 2. Up until Sunday, Julianna was still breast feeding her youngest daughter. Julianna is married to Pedro Corona, a hardworking and well-loved, DonJon Marine employee in the C & M Metals Recycling division in Dover, NJ. Julianna and her family need our help. Her loving husband Pedro is the sole provider for her and their 3 children. Pedro has been unable to go to work since her diagnosis because he has been by her side in the hospital while also caring for their three beautiful girls. Julianna needs to start treatment immediately to prolong her survival. She will be having Radiation Therapy daily on her brain, in addition to daily Chemotherapy. Due to complications with medical coverage, none of her Chemotherapy medications as well as future treatments are covered at this time. Julianna and Pedro are in desperate need of our financial support. Julianna has so much to live for. She loves her husband and three children so much and all she wants in life is to watch them grow and be there for them. Julianna desperately needs to start the Chemotherapy medication in order to prolong her life as long as possible.

There comes a time in everyone's life where help is needed and the Corona's urgently need ours.

Please donate to this beautiful family that needs our help. By helping get Julianna the proper medication and alleviating financial burdens would mean the world to the Corona family. No one knows how much time Julianna has left but helping this family financially for medical costs and inability to work at the present time would ease a huge burden for them so they can enjoy what time they have left. Thank you all for your donations and considering helping the Corona family. God bless.

Thank you from family and friends.