DASI Fundraiser


We at Route 15 Used Car Center are proud to support Rachael Schmidt in her fight against sexual and domestic violence! Rachel is 18 years old and from New Jersey. After attending an amazing Positivity Summit in Hackettstown, NJ, she was inspired to dive into an issue that needs more attention than what it gets - sexual and domestic violence. She began to research local shelters and took interest in one in particular called DASI (Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Intervention Services) in Newton, NJ. Rachel is now on a quest to help DASI with funding and we are here to help her.


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When Rachel realized that they were "stretching funds as far as they could go." she immediately thought if she could help them with their financial burdens, they could continue to provide a safe home, meals, therapy sessions, social workshops, and activities for people who have been sexually or domesticially traumatized. She hope to raise $1,000 by the end of June, 2017, and any donation means that she will be one step closer to making a positive impact on people who need a little light in their lives. We can't wait to help Rachel get a little bit closer to her goal and don't forget that every donation counts and your support is much, much appreciated!

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