When is it a good idea to purchase summer tires vs. all-season tires? Is one type better, more durable or more useful than the other? Luckily, both types of tires have their fair share of benefits. Here's a brief rundown on how to choose between them.

Summer or All-Season? What's the Difference?

Both summer and all-season tires are tough enough to get you through multiple seasons. Neither type of tire is best suited for heavy snowfall. Between March and November, either type of tire is a smart choice for your daily commute and weekend routine. However, there are some minor differences between them to bear in mind.

Summer Tires 101

Summer tires, or performance tires, do well in wet or dry weather in Wharton and make for precision handling. Drawback: They have shallow grooves and an asymmetrical tread, so they don't necessarily allow for optimal rotation.

All-Season Tires 101

All-season tires have deep grooves and a symmetrical tread, so they rotate exquisitely. They also retain flexibility in extra-cold temps, maintaining great road grip in light snowfall.

Experience the difference for yourself. Swing by Route 15 Used Car Center today for a test drive or a more detailed explanation of summer vs. all-season tires.



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