What You Should Include In Your Vehicle's Emergency Kit

At Route 15 Used Car Center, we want you to be ready for any situation that you encounter on the road. While you can't predict when you'll be stranded just outside of Wharton, you can prepare for when that time comes. Ideally, you will have a cellphone and a radio to help you stay connected to the outside world.

You'll also want jumper cables, a jack and a spare tire. The jumper cables can help if the car's battery stops working while the jack and tire can help in the event of a blowout. Basic medical supplies such as bandages and ointment can be useful if you're shocked or experience an allergic reaction.

Scissors and tape can be used to make a tourniquet or hold a sling in place. Tools such as a screwdriver or a wrench can come in handy if you need to repair an engine component.



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