Cover Your Car and Lower Your Cleaning Bill!

If you spend time every month washing your car, you can decrease the time and money you spend by investing in a car cover. At Route 15 Used Car Center we enjoy giving our community members tips to save time with preventative care. There are many ways that a car cover can save you money in the long and short-term.

Weather is hard on vehicles! A car cover can prevent damage to your paint, rubber trim, and interior fading from the sun. You will also lessen the dirt and grime that collects while your car sits under a cover. Not only will you save time cleaning, but you could also save time getting repairs done.

Use a car cover to avoid embarrassing bird droppings and muddy animal footprints. Sap and pollen can also make your car look older and less maintained. If you are parking on the street in Wharton, then a car cover can also help with small dings and scratches that happen in a populated area.



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