The Items That Should Be Packed in a Roadside Emergency Kit

Our hopes here at Route 15 Used Cars is that you have all the items you'll need in your roadside emergency kit to avoid issues. You never know when the car battery in your vehicle may fail, so it is a great idea to have jumper cables on board so another driver can give you a jump-start.

Packing a small first-aid kit in the trunk can allow you to tend to minor injuries until help arrives. A couple cans of tire fix-a-flat are going to allow you to get that flat tire off the rim just high enough to move the vehicle to safety.

Pack plenty of assorted tools in a bag, and keep a multi-tool handy in case you need to make small repairs on the fly. Of course, you'll also want to choose a truck, car, or SUV that you can rely on for your adventures. Come by our used car dealership before your next road trip!



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