Gaskets Form a Liquid Tight Barrier for Your Engine

A vehicle's motor is a complex piece of equipment with hundreds of parts moving at incredible speeds, and full of highly pressurized fluids that keep everything running smoothly. But the part that helps keep all of these fluids in their proper places and preventing your engine from becoming contaminated is a thin little piece of layered steel called a gasket.

The gasket's sole function is to form a liquid-tight seal between different engine components. This seal keeps the important fluids like engine oil or coolant from either leaking out, leaking into places they shouldn't be. When a gasket fails, especially an important gasket like a head gasket, it can quickly cause major damage to your vehicle's motor.

Proper maintenance and regular service are the best ways to prevent your gaskets from failing prematurely, but eventually, most cars will need to have one or more gaskets replaced. To have your gaskets inspected or any other service need taken care of, set up an appointment with our excellent service team here at Route 15 Used Car Center.



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