Your Brake Pads Prevent More Than Squeaking Sounds

Have you ever wondered why your brake squeak when the pads need to be changed? Your brake pads serve as a barrier between the brake caliper and the rotor so that there isn't that metal on metal squeaking sound. But they do more than just prevent the metal on metal noise.

Brake pads also protect the rotors from the caliper. If you've ever had to replace your rotors because the brake pads wore down too much, then you know what happens when the caliper rubs on the rotor. An etching from the caliper can be seen in the rotor. The brake pad prevents the caliper from etching or causing the rotors to rust.

If you're interested in learning more about brake maintenance, take your car to an experienced automotive technician who will be happy to chat with you about your brake pads and braking system.

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