Tailgating Essentials

Tailgating might not seem like it requires a lot of supplies but if you want your outing to be one to remember, you need to have certain items on hand. Let us here at Route 15 Used Car Center help you take a closer look at some of the tailgating essentials that you need to have in order to be ready for football and tailgating season.
  • It might sound like overkill but, a fire extinguisher will make quick work of any problems that occur with your portable grill.
  • Sunblock will protect your skin if the sun is out all day long.
  • Small gadgets can be a big help. A corkscrew, bottle opener, grill tongs and straws are all things you can keep on hand.
  • Have protection from the rain. You can keep large tarps in your vehicle to cover all of your items in the instance of a sudden downpour. Disposable ponchos will protect your clothing you are wearing.



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