Use winter windshield wipers for cold weather

It's easy to take your windshield wiper blades for granted, but when cold weather arrives, they need some attention. Neglecting your windshield wipers could end up putting you in danger during inclement conditions.

People who live in warm climates may not experience winter driving conditions, but roadways can be treacherous. Winter weather windshield wipers are specially designed to perform well in icy and snowy conditions. They have an extra layer of rubber that conceals the blade, keeping it from freezing.

It's also a good idea to keep an eye on your windshield wiper blades throughout the year. If they begin to have hanging rubber pieces, or metal is scraping your windshield, you need to have them replaced.

If you need to have your wipers upgraded to winter wiper blades and replaced, contact our parts and service teams at Route 15 Used Car Center. These certified technicians will help you find the right blades for your car.

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