Why Should You Consider a Hatchback?

If you've been searching for a new vehicle for your family, you understand just how tricky finding the right car can be. If you want something with space, roominess, and a comfortable atmosphere, it's vital that you choose the perfect vehicle for your family. For many consumers, a hatchback is an obvious choice. Here's why.

One of the biggest benefits to choosing a hatchback is that you'll have easy access to cargo space. Do you like to travel? Do you enjoy taking road trips? What about camping trips? Whether you want to transport groceries or sporting…

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Tailgating Essentials

Tailgating might not seem like it requires a lot of supplies but if you want your outing to be one to remember, you need to have certain items on hand. Let us here at Route 15 Used Car Center help you take a closer look at some of the tailgating essentials that you need to have in order to be ready for football and tailgating season.
  • It might sound like overkill but, a fire extinguisher will make quick work of any problems that occur with your portable grill.
  • Sunblock will protect your skin if the sun is out all day…
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Learn How to Properly Use a Roof Rack

When traveling, having a roof rack gives you more storage space and wiggle room. You can even haul a kayak or canoe with a roof rack. To begin, read the roof rack's instructions. Next, refer to your car's owner's manual. Check the roof's weight capacity. Consider the weight of the rack in addition to the weight of the items you want to transport on it.

Hauling stuff on top of your vehicle creates more drag and resistance. Most roof racks have a speed limit rating. Make sure to check the maximum speed that the roof can…

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Roadtripping on a Budget

Road trips can be fun and memorable experiences. They can also be expensive and regrettable when they are executed poorly. Everyone fantasizes about the spontaneous cross-country road trip in which decisions are made on a whim and planning is kept to a minimum. The reality is that this dream scenario doesn't exist, and road trips require planning and preparation in order to prevent pain and suffering.

The most important aspect of keeping a budget when planning a road trip is planning for lodging. Lodging is often the largest expense on road trips and cannot be left to last-minute decisions…

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Is Getting Your Vehicle Detailed Really Important?

Most people detail the car wash when their vehicle is to the point you can write your name in the dirt on the windows. Getting the vehicle detailed weekly does so much more than just instantly improve the appearance. Here are the reasons to detail the car weekly.

The dirt that stays on your car day after day, week after week, is mixing with the rain to create an abrasive mixture that will scratch the fine surface of the paint and could lead to deeper scratches and rust if not cleaned frequently.

Each time you detail the car, the dirt…

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Why Should You Buy a Truck This Year?

The team here at Route 15 Used Car Center wanted to share a few of the benefits to owning a new truck this year as opposed to getting another car.

The truck has been designed to make short work of getting around in a variety of challenging weather conditions. If it is snowing, the heavier truck and four-wheel drivability will allow the driver to navigate the roads easily. Heavily flooded areas can be little issue for the truck due to its increased height.

Inside the cabin of the truck, it might surprise many that this vehicle has just as many…

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Gaskets Form a Liquid Tight Barrier for Your Engine

A vehicle's motor is a complex piece of equipment with hundreds of parts moving at incredible speeds, and full of highly pressurized fluids that keep everything running smoothly. But the part that helps keep all of these fluids in their proper places and preventing your engine from becoming contaminated is a thin little piece of layered steel called a gasket.

The gasket's sole function is to form a liquid-tight seal between different engine components. This seal keeps the important fluids like engine oil or coolant from either leaking out, leaking into places they shouldn't be.

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Here are Some Reasons Why to Lift Your Truck

If you are considering getting the truck lifted, our staff wanted to tell you all the advantages of getting your ride up higher.

After you get the truck lifted, you'll now have the opportunity to get those huge tires you have been concerned would rub on the wheel wells. The lift kit is going to create the perfect amount of clearance so that those big tires can chew through all those obstacles and never come in contact with the rest of the truck.

The other reason you'll want to get the lift kit is that you can enjoy…

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Be Aware of Modern Oil Change Myths

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to know that the oil in your vehicle is one of the most important aspects of its continued use. With that level of importance, it’s common to hear that your oil should be changed routinely. While there is a time or distance that is ideal for your vehicle’s oil change, there are still some misconceptions of how long each of those can be.

Many myths about motor oil seem logical at first glance. For example, one popular belief is that you should have your motor oil changed every 3…

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Understanding the Importance of Proper Headlight Restoration

The headlights of our vehicle are probably one of several items that get neglected because we tend to take it for granted that they’ll always work until they don't. To get the most out of your headlights, they must be kept clean. If you’d like to have your headlights cleaned quickly and conveniently, then don’t hesitate to stop into the service center at Route 15 Used Car Center and let our professional mechanics perform the task for you.

We can’t stress the importance of keeping your headlights clean enough to our customers. There are several…

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